2016 Summer Conference Highlight: Ashley C. Qualls

Ashley C. Qualls is a Budget Analyst with the City of Asheville.  She is also the recipient of one of NCLGBA’s two scholarships to the 2016 Summer Conference.  These are her conference highlights.

I greatly enjoyed attending the 2016 NCLGBA Summer Conference in Wrightsville Beach as a scholarship recipient. The Conference had a variety of fun and informative sessions on how budget professionals can make positive impacts on their organization. The two general sessions by UNC School of Government professor Dr. Willow Jacobson (Shared Vision) and Cleveland County Manager Jeff Richardson (Growing Leadership Capacity) were two of my favorite sessions. Leadership development is a topic that has always interested me personally and academically, and the general sessions demonstrated ways budget professionals can be leaders in their organization regardless of their (at times unclear) position in the organizational hierarchy. The general sessions were also very interactive and gave me an opportunity to discuss the topics with other attendees.

Jeff Richardson, Cleveland County Manager | Dr. Willow Jacobson, UNC School of Government

Local government has a reputation for being a profession resistant to change, stuck in “the way we’ve always done it.” Through this conference and other networking opportunities, the people working in budget have always stood out as constantly looking for ways to improve themselves, their organization, and their communities. Regardless of their formal title or level of authority, they show leadership in their work ethic, initiative, ability to collaborate, and willingness to approach a problem in new ways. “Budget people” are rarely doing only budget work. They bring a variety of skills to the table, and they hold themselves to the highest standard. I look forward to more opportunities to learn from and with my fellow budgeteers.