2017 Summer Conference “Sneak Peek” – Design Thinking

The summer heat and humidity has arrived and that can mean only one thing…it’s time for you to start planning for your favorite Summer local government budget conference! Yes, #NCLGBA17 will be here in less than two months’ time and your Summer Conference planning committee has been hard at work over the last three months pulling together some fascinating sessions.

Spoiler Alert: We are bringing you a sneak preview of this Summer’s #1 blockbuster of a local government budget conference. On Thursday, July 13th conference attendees will gather in Wilmington at the Hilton Riverside to learn about the concept of Design Thinking within local government from David Phillips, the founder of Faster Glass Consulting. David is known as an Innovation Provocateur, and an expert on design thinking and the culture behind human-centered design.

Here is a recent critic’s review of the session:

It’s clear that companies like Apple, Virgin Airlines, and Disney have mastered the art of designing memorable experiences. But can these same practices be used to improve local government services? In this session, those lucky enough to attend #NCLGBA17, will thoughtfully discuss how agencies and departments around the country are integrating design principles into how they work. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore efforts to improve services and positively impact the lives of citizens AND employees by fostering a culture of Human-Centered Design (HCD). And, because you are such a worthy group, interested conference attendees will have the opportunity for an extended (director’s cut edition) prototype hands-on workshop where small groups will form, problems are drawn out, and a good time will be had by all.

If that review doesn’t convince you on the value of the Summer Conference, I don’t know what will!

Please click here for more information on how to register for the conference and/or to reserve your hotel room in our discounted block rate; very few rooms remain in the block, so reserve your room today!