3 Exciting NCLGBA Board Opportunities

We need your help growing and improving as an organization to provide the skill development, knowledge sharing, and networking our members need to succeed professionally and to create public value for their communities.  Are you ready to sign up for that cause?


The time to serve is now:

Are you interested in helping advance the local government profession by serving on the NCLGBA Board.  If so we have three great opportunities.  Please email me if you are interested and want to learn more.  Or if you have someone you want to nominate, please share by March 31st.  Below is a quick introduction into the roles and responsibilities of the 3rd VP, Treasurer, and At Large Board Members:


NCLGBA 3rd Vice-President and Conference Co-Chair: In short the 2nd and 3rd Vice-President work together to organize the conference and plan a dynamic agenda.  This position transitions into 2nd VP and eventually becomes President of NCLGBA.


NCLGBA At Large Board Members(City/County):

  • Commit to attending all 4 conferences that occur during 2 year terms
  • Commit to attending all board meetings & conference planning sessions during their terms
  • Assist with conference planning
  • Help on-site at the conference with things like registration and other duties as assigned
  • Help with special projects, like the People Who Balance columns, website content, membership drives, sponsors, etc. \
  • Serve as conference liaisons (for things like location of sessions, bathrooms, elevators, etc)
  • Interact with members by introducing themselves, starting discussions at their tables during sessions, & facilitating introductions
  • Promote the conference and membership in the organization to people in their region of the state and other professional associations they may be a part of.
  • Volunteer to serve as a session moderator
  • Bring up new ideas, actively participate in the debate/conversation of issues, and being willing to serve on specially called committees with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the NCLGBA
  • Represent either Cities or Counties on the board by interacting with members and understanding their interests and ideas for improvement.



  • Collect, organize and deposit conference registrations
  • Collect, organize and deposit membership dues
  • Put together a consolidated conference registration spreadsheet that lists conference registrants, check #, conference preferences (guests, exams, veggie meal)
  • Correspond with membership when issues with conference registrations occur (overpayments, general conference or hotel questions)
  • Track financials of the conference
  • Put together a preconference and post conference budget
  • Work with conference planners to write out checks and ensure all vendors are paid on time
  • Work with sponsorship committee to ensure all outside sponsors send in their payments, and work with them to ensure they register their representatives (if coming to conference)
  • Provide Board with a treasurer’s and conference report during board meeting
  • Provide membership with a treasurers report during the conference
  • Work with the conference hotel contacts during conference




NCLGBA President