Performance & Management Analyst, Durham County (closes 10/20/17)

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Closing: October 20, 2017
Salary Range: $47,916 – $86,248 annually


This position will provide county wide oversight of metrics and data analytics to facilitate strategic utilization of data by providing coordination, expertise and knowledge to departments in performance methodology, development, tracking, and reporting. Under general/administrative direction, this position supports all aspects of Managing For Results project design and implementation, performance management, and technical assistance to study, analyze and review policies, management and operations of County departments and related research and duties as assigned.

Typical Tasks

  • Analyzes and prepares statistical dashboard; prepare special reports relating to the progress of performance measurement and improvement activities of a department. Maintain the performance management dashboard with live, real-time data in support of the ClearPoint Strategies software system.
  • Ensures that all procedural steps for processes related to the preparation, review, and maintenance of assigned projects are completed by assigned deadline and with a thorough and accurate end-product.
  • Develops a training manual and provides county wide training both introductory and on-going for the performance management software.
  • Establishes, maintains and reports on county level data collection and performance programs.
  • Coordinates and implements performance management efforts across departmental lines to ensure that departmental measurements and goals are aligned with those of the organization.
  • Leads and supports the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of ongoing reports, analyses, dashboards, and metrics for key operations and decision making for county departments.
  • Communicates with and presents to executive leadership project results and findings.
  • Works across the organization to foster an improved culture of innovation, accessibility, efficiency and accountability.
  • Conducts surveys, performs research, and prepares recommendations and coordinates management reports as they pertain to Departments’ performance.
  • Works collaboratively with departments to research, analyze and develop recommendations for county wide performance improvements.
  • Builds and maintains positive and effective relationships with Departments to understand operations so can offer performance support.
  • Works with Departments to analyze results, assess performance and evaluate strategic opportunities.
  • Consults with budget staff to analyze performance results and makes recommendations on budget process matters and strategic resource allocation to department leadership, General Managers, and the County Manager’s Office.
  • Performs research to assess and monitor the impact of projects and other factors on the departments’ performance related to strategic plan initiatives.
  • Reviews professional literature on organizational planning, program evaluations and performance management.
  • Where applicable and time permitting:
    • Participates in the preparation and distribution of the annual operating budget;
    • Advises and assists departments and agencies in the preparation of budget requests;
    • Assists in the production of final budget document and budget ordinances;
    • Supervises and participates in specific research and related projects concerning budget issues;
    • Performs other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Facilitate and develop visual management tools, Including developing training and guidance documents for use by departments.
  • Develop and deliver classroom trainings and small team coaching related to strategic planning, performance measures, visual management, and related management techniques being adopted by the county.
  • Be knowledgeable about performance management practices and local government financial management concepts
  • Have strong communication and team and meeting facilitation skills
  • Work collaboratively on a team, manage individual projects, and look for opportunities to improve the group’s work processes.
  • Possess strong organizational and project management skills
  • Be able to meet multiple deadlines and work under pressure
  • Ability to work with and through teams
  • Be able to manage multiple and shifting priorities
  • Be a self-starter, action-oriented and thrive in a fast paced environment
  • Be flexible and able to maneuver through complex political and organizational structures effectively
  • Demonstrate the ability to read others and develop constructive and effective relationships
  • Strong level of competency in the information systems area, with considerable abilities in Excel spreadsheet techniques, Microsoft Word, and report publishing
  • Ability to develop complex spreadsheets reports and databases
  • Ability to develop and/or maintain orderly procedures for recordkeeping systems, including paper and electronic files
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, officials and the general public
  • Demonstrate resourcefulness and creativity.
  • Ability to synthesize complex ideas and communicate them in an understandable way to others, both written and orally
  • Ability to conduct comprehensive research
  • Demonstrated skills in using performance metrics and data to identify areas for improvement and facilitate solutions.
  • Demonstrated skills Managing projects with multiple stakeholders and non-line authority

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in public administration, public policy, data analytics, business administration, or closely related discipline with two years of experience in one of the following areas: performance management, program evaluation, strategic planning, data analytics, or budget administration. A master’s degree in public administration, public policy, data analytics, business administration, or related field is desirable and may be substituted for experience.