Best Practice Ideas for Economic Development, Poverty & Government Effectiveness

Recently the research team at the County Commissioners Association (NCACC) was charged with finding and profiling on our web site “Best Practices” and models to share with all 100 counties. Our goal is to use these stories and examples to both honor great work and ignite the creativity of county leadership when thinking of how to improve and transform their communities and governments. We have chosen to start with three areas:

  1. Economic Development – this can be traditional development efforts that were particularly successful or notable, or less traditional successes using grassroots partners and community economic development and downtown development practices. They don’t have to be BIG. In fact smaller successes are the best to profile. But big is good too!
  1. Poverty – again this is wide open. I know some areas are working on this through affordable housing, early childhood education, or food stability. Others may have great social service programs. Or whatever else seems to fit the bill.
  1. Efficiency and Effectiveness of Government – this is focused on how you have found to do our important work for our counties even more effectively. Awesome process improvement and budgeting strategies would fit in here, along with many other things.

If you give us a lead, we will call you and set up some time to talk. If your idea fits with our goals, then we will set up a longer interview with you, or whomever you suggest, to really create a profile. We will provide our initial questions up front as well as our write-up structure. Hopefully we will be able to send someone out to take some pictures and do a short video.

These examples do not all need to be county government driven but they do need to at least include the county as a supporter.

If you have ideas please contact Dr. Linda Millsaps, NCACC Research Director, at