Budget & Management Analyst, Wake Co. (closes 2/8/16)

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Closing: February 8, 2016 – note extended deadline
Salary Range: $54,000-$70,000 Annually


Budget and Management Services is pleased to advertise a Budget and Management Analyst position within our office. The Budget and Management Analyst will collaborate with departments to develop, evaluate, and analyze County operating and capital budgets, lead and serve on county-wide special projects, and help effectively communicate information throughout the organization. Analyst will provide consultation, technical assistance and coordination in the preparation and execution of the budgets. Budget and Management Services seeks motivated and talented professionals to join its team. Wake County is consistently rated as one of the best places to live and work in America. The County offers a comprehensive benefit package as well as other programs, resources, policies and practices that integrate work/life strategies.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies

  • Manages a portfolio of assignments consisting of a combination of operating departments, capital programs, special revenue, enterprise funds and office functional leads.
  • Assists in the development of the County’s annual operating and capital budgets.
  • Uses budget software to capture and evaluate requests. Manipulates data and develops a command of the Financial, Budgeting and Human Resources ERP system as well as other systems.
  • Evaluates funding and program requests, develops alternatives in collaboration with department staff and recommends approaches.
  • Develops revenue and expenditure projections.
  • Monitors budgets throughout the fiscal year working with County departments, outside agencies, etc., to ensure that funds are used in accordance with established goals, guidelines, and strategies.
  • Reviews and executes budget adjustments, contract approvals and position authorization actions in accordance with organizational policy.
  • Provides management consulting and analysis services to the County Manager’s Office and County departments.
  • Assists departments to achieve their stated goals and objectives by providing programmatic counsel and analytical support.
  • Serves on master planning, County-wide policy planning, RFP development committees, among others.
  • Works with Budget team to draft budget message, publications and other products.
  • Leads or provides staff support to investigate and research county-wide issues; conducts special projects.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking – Ability to analyze issues and problems and propose solutions which are consistent with the agency’s priorities and financial resources. Ability to use tools to identify meaningful patterns or relationships and draw conclusions about the meaning of the data. Ability to ask clarifying questions and probe for relevant information. Ability to identify cause and effect of problems and then look at underlying problems for a solution. Ability to collect, relate, associate, or compare data to identify options/alternatives. Ability to choose the appropriate action by considering implications and consequences. Ability to seek input from stakeholders (e.g., subordinates, peers, management, customers.)
  • Communication – Ability to clarify the purpose and importance of information. Ability to explain information in understandable terms for non-technical staff. Ability to seek input, listen, and confirm mutual understanding. Willingness to ask for clarification as needed. Ability to present information, considering the impact of the information on procedures, policies, organizational objectives, and the agency.
  • Management Consulting and Customer Service – Ability to determine customer expectations; who should be involved in the project or solution. Ability to work together with customer to discuss alternative solutions or resolve issues by applying expert knowledge. Ability to conduct research as needed to assist customer in problem resolution. Willingness to share results of research or expertise to gain agreement on next steps. Ability to build support for planned outcomes. Ability to provide guidance to customer during implementation of program, project, or service. Ability to conduct evaluation of program, project, or service to determine if customer needs were met and keep customers informed of progress. Ability to remain accessible when balancing multiple priorities. Ability to assess or check with customer to ensure solution meets needs. Willingness to develop relationships/partnerships with internal/external customers.
  • Negotiation – Ability to work to keep the discussion focused on key issues. Ability to handle differing points of view in a positive way. Willingness to examine relevant viewpoints and explores alternative approaches. Ability to review pros and cons. Willingness to consider the needs, concerns, and initial position of all parties. Ability to evaluate options or solutions openly and fairly and engage in mutual problem solving. Ability to facilitate agreement through a give and take process that considers each party’s needs.

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