Conference Highlights – 2016 Winter Opening Sessions

Leading up to Budget Conferences there are always a couple sessions I circle with excitement. This year is no exception, with the first few sessions representing the middle of the Cubs batting order.

Charlotte’s very own, Hyong Yi will welcome us to the Queen City challenging us to love our community well. Professor Brian Williams, from UGA, will present and lead us through a timely workshop focused on his research related to local law enforcement, and public governance, looking at how the experiences and perceptions of individuals affect the formation and functioning of working partnerships between local law enforcement departments and community residents. Check out his research interests below:

  • Co-production of public safety and public order
  • Community policing efforts within racial and ethnic communities
  • Community-oriented governance
  • The impact of personal and professional life experiences on the actions and inaction of public administrators

See you in December

Josh Edwards,
NCLGBA President