Follow-Up on “True Success” from Presenter

Tom Morris, who presented the workshop “True Sucess: The art of achievement in times of change” at the Summer 2013 NCLGBA Conference, sent us this follow-up message for attendees and anyone else interested in the concepts and ideas he shared at the conference.

From Your Philosopher, Tom Morris                                                              

To All My New NCLGBA Philosophy Friends:

It was an honor to be with you at the Shell Island Resort on Wrightsville Beach! I had a great time serving as your speaker.

In this email I want to provide you with something to help you implement the main ideas of our session, as you set and pursue your personal and professional goals in the coming weeks, months, and years. Toward the end of this email is a self-diagnostic test to see how you’re doing with the wisdom of the philosophers now.

Let’s Keep Philosophizing!

Life is supposed to be a series of adventures – and that means reinventing our work, renewing our relationships, retooling how we do things, refreshing our inner attitudes, and coming to new forms of achievement as a result. I hope the ideas I brought you will help with your upcoming adventures, in all the opportunities you face. And I hope to keep serving you as your philosopher! With that in mind, I would like to invite you to visit my  website, for short essays on related issues that can help you every day. Under the Weekly Wisdom block, you’ll find various topics that may be of interest. Also, you can email me at and tell me what you thought of our session and how you view the 7 Cs. I will value your insights and opinions.

You can also Google “Tom Morris Huffington Post” for my homepage there, to get the short blogs I put up whenever the spirit moves me. Oh, and I also have a Twitter account @TomVMorris that has been dormant lately, due to busyness, among other causes, but I may come back soon! There’s lots of Twisdom (Twitter Wisdom) archived there already!

Also, I’d love to be connected with you on LinkedIn! Offer a connection and I’ll connect back!

Our Session Together

A quick recap:  In our short session, we looked at some of the ideas of the wisest people who have ever thought about success and excellence in changing times. We went over 7 universal conditions for success.  My claim was that, in any challenge, we need:

(1) A clear CONCEPTION of what we want, a vivid vision, a goal clearly imagined.

(2) A strong CONFIDENCE that we can attain that goal.

(3) A focused CONCENTRATION on what it takes to reach our goal.

(4) A stubborn CONSISTENCY in pursuing our vision.

(5) An emotional COMMITMENT to the importance of what we’re doing.

(6) A good CHARACTER to guide us and keep us on a proper course.

(7) A CAPACITY TO ENJOY the process along the way.

There are of course many other sets of principles, habits, tips, and techniques for success available in books, DVDs, and online in our day.  And many are helpful in various ways.  The 7 Cs offer the most broadly universal advice.  Whether you’re struggling with a new challenge alone, or are working in a group, whether you’re seeking new success at work, in a relationship, at home with your kids, or even in a hobby, you’ll find that these conditions of success apply, and will help you move forward in effective ways.

Some people have asked, “Why don’t you have CREATIVITY on the list?  Or: COLLABORATION?  Or: COMMUNICATION?  Or: COURAGE? – And this is just if we stick with Cs!”  The simple answer is that, as important as these other things are in the appropriate situations, they either aren’t absolutely universal (needed in literally every situation) or they are applications of one of The 7 Cs in a particular set of circumstances.

There are many important qualities we could highlight in any journey of success, but you can use the framework of The 7 Cs as your most fundamental organizing tool kit of insights.  They capture the deepest practical wisdom of the past, and they are easy to keep in mind every day.  With just a few minutes of study, you can commit them to memory and have them readily available, even without looking at your card!

A quick word about the word ‘success’ might be useful. It’s of course an achievement term. And as applied to life as a whole, it’s never simply measured by issues of money, fame, power, or status. It’s about essential accomplishment that’s right for you, across the various dimensions of your life and work, and is always connect, when done properly, with matters of deep fulfillment and happiness, as well as organizational flourishing.

For Further Reading and Reflection – An Exciting New Opportunity!!!

Many people have asked me which books of mine lay out the 7 Cs of Success. A great place to start is with True Success, where I first developed The 7 Cs of Success framework. This book has had many enthusiastic teenage and college age readers over the years, as well as people in business and government work, and so this might also be a good one to put into the hands of any young person you’d like to help launch onto the path of personal success. For the first time everthe new ebook of it is available THIS WEEK at, for a very low price. Zola is the newest retailer of ebooks and is providing an ideal community for readers. It is also the exclusive publisher and provider this week of another ebook of mine, simply called The 7 Cs of Success, which is a very interesting look at the original source documents for our framework of ideas, from The Tao Te Chingto Ralph Waldo Emerson, and even the writings of a contemporary Japanese Billionaire. I worked on the book for 15 years and am so impressed with ZolaBooks that I’ve given them the right to be the sole publisher of it!

At Zola, you can join up to read the book with friends, see where they are in it, share your marginal scribblings and comments, and see theirs if you like. This summer, I’ll also be reading the book with you, and sharing my thoughts throughout. It’s a unique experience to continue to think together about these important things. Zola is compatible with all e readers, but you have in the early months special access to interactive features on the iphone and ipad.

My “landing page” on ZolaBooks is Follow me there and download some philosophy!!!!

Another book on the skills involved in applying The 7 Cs is The Art of Achievement, available on Amazon in hardcover. It’s got great stuff on Hill A and Hill B challenges!

A Chance for Self-Knowledge

In the accompanying short set of questions below, I’d like to help you go through an exercise in self-knowledge relevant to The 7 Cs.  If you don’t have 3 or 4 minutes now to go through it, save it for later.  But don’t forget it!  It’s can lead to a few “Know Thyself” moments!  I recommend that you do something like this periodically to remind yourself where you are in life’s great adventure.

The Periodic Personal 7Cs Checkup

Print this out, or copy it onto your own computer document, and answer each question as honestly as you can.  Mark the number that applies to you, “0” representing the lowest possible self score, and “10” the highest.

     The lure of the distant and difficult is deceptive. 

     The great opportunity is where you are. 

          John Burroughs


     I have a clear conception of what I am pursuing in my activities.


     I have a vivid vision for what I am doing that appeals to my imagination.



     I am confident in my ability to attain my current goals successfully.


     I display a confident attitude, and help to bolster the confidence of the people around me.



     I am well focused on the next steps I need to take to reach my goals.


     I regularly take action in small ways as well as larger ways to implement my plans.



     I monitor my daily behavior well for consistency with my goals and deepest values.


     I seek to help everyone working toward goals with me to be as consistent as possible.



     I am emotionally committed to the importance of what I do.  I passionately pursue my goals.


     I am emotionally committed to the people I work with and depend on in pursuit of my goals.


     Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.

          G.W.F. Hegel


     I am sure that my action in pursuit of my goals satisfies high standards of character.


     I seek to surround myself with people of strong character.



     I have been enjoying the pursuit of my goals lately.


     I work toward my goals in such a way that I can enjoy my life more broadly.


Grading Yourself on the Checkup

Add up all your self-scores on this checklist and write down your current total.  If it is over “120”, then you’re in pretty good shape in the recent stages of your journey of success.  Keep up the good work and build on your accomplishments.

If your score is under “120”, you should very seriously rethink the goals you are pursuing and how you are working toward them.

If your total is over “120” but under “140”, pay attention to what could use a little more work.  You are fine-tuning an already viable enterprise, for greater levels of satisfying accomplishment.

A Second Opinion

You might want another person’s feedback in this process too.  Give a copy of the unmarked questions to a co-worker, spouse, friend, or child and ask them to mark the questions independently in the way that they think you should.  Comparing their assessments with your own can be interesting on many levels, advancing your quest for self-understanding and providing new and useful information concerning the relationship the two of you have.

Life should always involve a process of self-evaluation and self-correction, self-knowledge and self-mastery.  Repeat this check up at regular intervals, act on the information you generate, and you will move progressively more in the direction of achieving all that you are here on this earth to do!

     Self-conquest is the greatest of all victories.


Keep in Touch!

I’d love to hear from you as you apply the 7 Cs explicitly in your life and use them to make the world a better place.

At the Morris Institute, we occasionally hold retreats on this and other topics. Let me know if you’d like to hear more!

I appreciate any chance to be your partner in practical wisdom!

Your Personal Philosopher for Life,

Tom Morris

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