Jack Vogt Award Nominations Open – Deadline November 15th

By Katie Lumb, NCLGBA President

I’m writing to announce and encourage nominations for the 2013 A. John “Jack” Vogt Award for Outstanding Commitment to the Advancement of Local Government Budgeting and Evaluation.  This is the highest, annual award presented by the North Carolina Local Government Budget Association (NCLGBA) to recognize individuals who have been innovators and leaders in advancing budget and/or evaluation practices in North Carolina local government.  In 2006, Dr. Jack Vogt became the first recipient of the award to honor his thirty-four year legacy as an innovator, teacher, mentor, and consummate student of local government budgeting and evaluation.

Nominees must have ten years of local government service in North Carolina.  “Government service” is defined broadly as any profession that works in or with municipal, county, or other local government jurisdictions.  Examples include budget/finance professionals, city/county managers, elected officials, academics, and local government financial consultants.  Nominations should be submitted on the NCLGBA’s website: Jack Vogt Award by November 15, 2013.  A committee from the NCLGBA will review the submissions and present the award at the Winter 2013 Budget Conference held in Asheville, NC, from December 11-13.  If you have any questions about the nomination form or process, please feel free to contact me at klumb@nhcgov.com or (910)798-7126.

North Carolina has a strong, national reputation as a leader in local government budgeting and evaluation.  I hope you will take this opportunity to recognize those who’ve earned us this reputation and charted new paths for all of us to emulate.

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