Most counties see unemployment declining to last year’s level

Today’s update of labor and unemployment statistics for North Carolina counties shows that most counties in the State saw their April 2010 unemployment rates return to levels at or below April 2009, erasing significant increases in these rates that continued through last summer and fall in many parts around the state.

A deeper look at year-to-year statistics (made possible by the NC Employment Security Commission’s Demand Driven Data Delivery System, or D4) show that most counties showed modest gains in labor force and number employed for April 2010 as compared to just a year ago. This could signal labor market recovery from the standpoint of an end of decline, but does not mean that labor markets are not necessarily in shape to return to prior-downturn levels.

63 of North Carolina’s 100 counties still have unemployment rates of 10% or more, with Scotland County the highest at 15.8%.  Unemployment rates for metropolitan areas range from 7.2% (Durham-Chapel Hill) to 13.3% (Hickory-Lenoir-Morgantown).

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