NCLGBA “Road Show” … Coming to a university near you!

Yes, that’s right, we have a road show!  Starting in January 2017, the NCLGBA Board has started to reach out to Public Administration programs state-wide in an effort to advance the NCLGBA mission by promoting the budgeting profession through education, networking, and advocacy.  These “road shows” take the form of a class or an extended presentation and help give students a new insight on how local government and budgeting work from a practitioner’s perspective while also helping NCLGBA as an organization to spread the word about our membership and mission.

Professor Paarth

The first class was at Appalachian State University in January where Josh Edwards, Paarth Mehta, and Brian Pahle assisted with teaching a class for the MPA program where they provided real-world insight from a practitioner’s perspective on how local government and budgeting work, as well as information on NCLGBA.  The second presentation was at UNC Charlotte’s MPA program where Paarth and Justin Amos talked about NCLGBA, the 2017 Summer Conference, and the NCLGBA Conference Scholarships (now closed for Summer 2017).  Justin was happy to report that the class was genuinely interested in the organization and the conference, and had questions about the organization and budgeting as a profession.  Paarth even talked former Charlotte City Manager Curt Walton, now teaching in the MPA program, to have us come back to UNC Charlotte in the fall for a longer presentation/class!

The NCLGBA Board would like to get this program into every MPA program in the state as we advance our mission of education and advocacy.  To do that we need help from program alumni!  If you’re interested, please contact and include the program you graduated from, or are currently a part of, and we’ll follow up with you with more information.