New UNC MPA Capstone Papers – Now Available Online

Last month, the UNC School of Government MPA Class of 2011 presented their Capstone papers during their annual conference. I had the opportunity to attend this conference and was once again impressed with the professional research, investigation, and analysis provided by these students on a variety of topics pertinent to public administration and local government.

The School of Government has now published these papers online for review and utilization. Several papers focus on issues related to finance and budgeting, as well as other subjects of interest to our membership that include:

Business as Usual or Political Suicide: Property Tax Increases in North Carolina — Lana Hygh

The Food Fight: An Examination of the Prepared Meals and Beverage Tax as a Viable Revenue Generation Source in North Carolina D’Anna Wade

Pension Obligation Bonds: Are States and Localities Behaving Themselves or Do the Feds Need to Get Involved? — Allan Beckmann

The Why’s and How’s of Citizen Satisfaction Surveys: An Examination of the Relationships between Data Use and Achieving Desired Outcomes Among National Citizen Survey Participants — Bo Gattis

Collaboration Incentives: Local Government Experiences with ARRA — Catherine Durham

Managerial Effect: Comparing Forms of Local Government — Terry Waterfield

Municipal PerformanceStat: How is Success Defined? What Factors Contribute to Success? — Jonathan Palmer

The Role of North Carolina County Finance Departments in Emergency Management — Daniel Sargent

Employee Perceptions of Furlough Fairness: The UNC-Chapel Hill Case — Ingrid Rosiuta

Special thanks to Susan Lynch and the UNC School of Government staff for taking care of posting these papers online.

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