PNC hosts 4th Quarter Economic Outlook Webinar August 23rd

PNC Financial Services, which acquired RBC Bank earlier this year, will host an economic outlook webinar on Thursday, August 23rd, 2-3 pm Eastern.

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This event will provide perspective on the challenges the national and global economies face over the remainder of 2012

With a presidential election looming and the economy still soft, it can be hard to predict what the fourth quarter will bring. PNC’s economics team provides a baseline forecast for the remainder of the year and addresses issues that could have a major impact, including:

  • Where is the EuroZone headed and how will it affect the U.S. economy?
  • Will Congress back off from the fiscal cliff?
  • What does housing’s modest resurgence mean for the larger economy?
  • Can the economy expect a boost from lower gas prices and lower inflation?

Given recent uncertainty about the overall condition of the economy, the remainder of 2012 possesses the potential for volatility, and could dramatically influence the fiscal condition of state and local governments. This is your opportunity to learn more about the variables in play in order to better prepare staff and leadership, as well as anticipate the need for responsive action.

The webinar will be led by two of PNC’s experienced economists.

Stuart G. Hoffman is senior vice president and chief economist for The PNC Financial Services Group and serves as the principal spokesperson on all economic issues for PNC. Hoffman was recognized as the second most accurate economic and interest rate forecaster for 2006 by USA Today and as the most accurate forecaster for 2004 byBusinessWeek. In addition, he was named one of the top forecasters in the Wall Street Journal economic survey covering the 1988 to 2009 period.

Hoffman joined PNC in 1980 after a six-year tenure with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He became vice president and senior economist for PNC in 1987 and was elected senior vice president and chief economist in 1991.

William (Bill) Adams is assistant vice president and senior international economist for The PNC Financial Services Group. His responsibilities include forecasting economic conditions and exchange rates, covering emerging Asia, the European Union, Canada and Latin America. Adams serves as the principal spokesperson on global economic issues for PNC, and frequently presents to PNC clients on the international economic outlook.

Adams joined PNC in July 2011 after serving as resident economist for The Conference Board China Center from 2009 to 2011


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