Quick Primer on “The Beige Book”

Earlier today, the Federal Reserve Board’s Open Market Committee published an update on its almost-monthly overview of current national economic conditions, a document known as “The Beige Book.” This report, which provides written summaries of economic activity across several sectors, contains a nationwide overview as well as reports by Federal Reserve District.

“The Beige Book” is published 8 times a year (January, March, April, June, July, September, October, and December) and is available online in HTML and PDF format. The Richmond District summary is something you can consider sharing with your senior staff and elected officials, as it is a combination of both statistical analysis and commentary from business owners surveyed to gauge other facets of economic activity.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond also provides more-detailed reports of information contained in “The Beige Book,” by district and state. Current and time-series data is available for North Carolina on employment, income, and real estate information. If you are unable to generate your own reporting, this makes a pretty adequate, regularly-updated substitute.

Link to “The Beige Book”

Link to Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Reports (Snapshots)

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