Summer 2013 Conference Presentations

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Wednesday, July 10th Sessions

Plenary – True Success: The art of achievement in times of change (Tom Morris)
True Success Presentation
Link to Follow-Up Message from Tom Morris

Breakout – Graphing in Excel: Beyond the Basics (Dale Roenigk)
Graphing in Excel Presentation
Graphing in Excel Practice/Sample File
Recommended Site –

Breakout – Five Specific Projects to Make More Money (Robert Segal)
Five Specific Projects Presentation

Thursday, July 11th Sessions

Plenary: Emerging Issues Commons (Sarah Langer)
Emerging Issues Commons Presentation
Emerging Issues Commons NCLGBA Working Group Access (Login Required)

Morning Roundtable: Electricities (Kenneth Hunter)
Electricities, NCEMPA & NCMPA1 Background Presentation
NC Local Government Commission Electric Fund Analysis
County & Municipal Fiscal Analysis Tool (State Treasurer)

Plenary: Economic Update (Woody Hall)
Economic Update Presentation (Original Link)
Link to Updated Presentation @ UNCW Website (Not Yet Posted)

Plenary: Healthcare Reform – The Long View on Costs
Healthcare Reform Presentation
Employer Mandate Fact Sheet

Breakout: Visualizing Value (Whitney Alfonso)
Visualizing Value Presentation

Breakout: Performance Based Budgeting (Adam Lindsay)
Performance Based Budgeting Presentation
Performance Based Budgeting Rating Worksheet

Friday, July 12th Sessions

Plenary: Managing Transitions (Bill Rivenbark & Marianne Sweden)
Updated Managing Transitions Presentation

Legislative Updates

Municipalities (Karl Knapp, NC League of Municipalities)
Municipal Legislative Update Presentation
Handout: House v. Senate Budget Proposals
Handout: Tax Reform Bill Comparisons
Handout: Enacted Legislation (as of 7/8/13)

Counties (Rebecca Troutman (NC Association of County Commissioners)
County Legislative Update Presentation

Videos of select presentations will be available, starting in August!