Sponsor Spotlight: Civic Federal Credit Union

Between now and the start of the 2021 Summer Conference, an occasional series on NCLGBA’s blog will shine a spotlight on our conference sponsors so that you can get to know them and the services they provide.  First up is the Civic Federal Credit Union – a Presenting/Title level sponsor for 2020-21.

Strength of Public Service

In the words of Condoleezza Rice, “There is no greater challenge and there is no greater honor than to be in public service.” The trust that communities put in your abilities as budget professionals is immeasurable. From leadership to strategy and financial management, your work impacts North Carolinians in real ways.

Choosing a financial partner that shares this commitment to service can add value to your planning and help your team achieve its financial goals.

A Shared Commitment to Service and Innovation

Civic Federal Credit Union was founded for this very reason. Civic was created for people who serve local communities and their friends and families.  And just as budgeting and financial strategies have been modernized over the years, our teams provide secure, online financial options to individuals and small businesses to help scale up or help maintain steady growth.

It is in this spirit, that we are a proud sponsor of the NCLGBA 2021 Summer Conference and the important work of budget professionals in local government.

Modern Banking with Technology [and Personal Service]

Meeting the needs of local communities has been the goal of credit unions for hundreds of years. Now, Civic has created a modern, online credit union with fast access, new efficiencies, and opportunities for members to earn, grow and save money.

We believe a commitment to service is a commitment to empowering people.

For this reason, Civic blends technology and people to exceed member expectations across North Carolina. Using a mobile device or computer, members access low rates, ways to earn high dividends, and custom financial solutions. And our members have access to Customer Experience professionals who can guide everything from opening an account to options for equipment financing.

It is this combination of people and technology that helps communities and small businesses unlock opportunities for economic success.

Innovation for Budget Professionals

While budgets determine the available resources, Civic helps to maximize those resources and stay on track to bring budget innovation to your organization. As a full-service financial Federal Credit Union, your funds are federally insured by NCUA up to maximum account limits.

And the shared appreciation between a budget professional and a financial institution for maximizing budgets is not lost on us. Anytime an organization can earn, save and grow funds—while saving time, is a viable option worth exploring.

Moreover, as a Civic member, you have access to some of the lowest rates available and flexible terms including:

  • Personal and small business loans
  • Home equity loans
  • Rewards credit cards (cashback)
  • Vehicle loans
  • Financial well-being guidance
  • Deposit accounts
  • Rewards Checking accounts (earn dividends on balances)
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Affinity debit cards
  • Certificates of deposit
  • and more…

Proud Supporters of Fire and EMS

Our Civic teams are committed to helping people and creating a strong sense of community. With new digital tools and efficiencies, local government organizations are earning more on their deposits.

And local volunteer fire departments, EMS, and police departments are accessing affordable financing for equipment and vehicles. We have given more than $3 million to the North Carolina State Firefighter’s Association through our Affinity Card program. And Civic financing has helped communities build more than 100 firehouses and financed more than 650 emergency vehicles.

Across North Carolina, there are community groups with important programs that serve local needs. Civic’s partnership team works with local change-makers to help accelerate nonprofit programs designed to serve needs such as food insecurity and access to equitable lending.

Resources for Communities to Thrive

At Civic, we see the role of budget professionals as the key to helping local communities achieve financial success.  And together in service, communities can be even stronger.

Visit https://www.civicfcu.org/ to learn more.

About Civic Federal Credit Union

As North Carolina’s first digital credit union, Civic is a member-led organization that serves local government employees, their families, and small businesses. Created in 2018, Civic is focused on improving the lives of North Carolinians in all communities within the state.  As a member organization, Civic has reimagined financial services ‘beyond the branch’ and expanded access for people across the state using the secure app and web technology for any time and convenient banking options. The credit union designs products and services which empower people to achieve financial goals, increase financial wellness and, in turn, create stronger communities. In addition, Civic is a member of the Global Alliance for Banking Values, an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. Civic serves all 100 counties in North Carolina from its Raleigh, N.C. headquarters, a sustainable and LEED Gold-certified building.