Strategic Initiatives Analyst, Guilford County (closes 11/15/20)

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Closing: 11/15/2020 11:59 PM Eastern
Salary Range:  $60,131 – $72,758 annually

Job Description:

This position will develop, implement and coordinate the County’s strategic framework and performance management initiatives.

This position oversees the implementation of the County’s Strategic Framework; provides consultation and facilitation to departments on the strategic framework methodology, framework development and implementation and ensures alignment of departmental plans to countywide objectives and results; coaches departments through linking Strategic Framework to Budget and Operational Plans; oversees the development and implementation of the County’s performance management program. The incumbent will be responsible for supporting departments through consulting, measurement selection, data analysis, performance reporting, training, and coaching; facilitating cross-functional teams tasked with solving problems and providing training to management and employees in overall management best practices.  This role has high visibility to the department and County management teams.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Manages and oversees strategic initiatives and performance improvement by developing initiatives, coordinating and conducting meetings; recruiting and training individuals with varying degrees of management responsibility; creating presentations and reports for administration, management and Board of Commissioners
  • Manages and oversees the development, implementation, and maintenance of the County’s Strategic Plan
  • Provides consultation and facilitation to departments on strategic framework methodology, plan development and implementation; ensures alignment of departmental plans to countywide goals and initiatives; and coaches departments
  • Oversees the development and implementation of the County’s performance management program and supports departments through consulting, measurement selection, data analysis, performance reporting, training and coaching
  • Works collaboratively across functions to ensure Budget and Operational Plans support the Strategic Plan
  • Facilitates cross-functional teams tasked with solving problems, which span multiple departments or internal and external stakeholders
  • Manages and oversees special projects by ensuring tasks are completed, deadlines and goals are met and progress reports are submitted to management and other County administration; and ensures all processes related to the preparation, review, and maintenance of assigned projects are completed with accuracy


Passionate Curiosity

  • Gather and analyze information related to current and future trends and best practices
  • Actively seek out thought leaders and strategic influencers
  • Think critically to make connections that others miss
  • Seek out alternative perspectives
  • Gather qualitative data to develop practical empathy


  • Constructively challenge prevailing assumptions
  • Minimize complexity and increase flexibility throughout the organization
  • Help stakeholders overcome resistance to positive change
  • Consult with departments on the development of new services, methods, or procedures

Change Advocacy

  • Educate stakeholders on new approaches in an inclusive way to drive buy-in
  • Partner effectively to identify opportunities for significant process enhancements
  • Recommend organizational changes that strategically add value

Outcome Orientation

  • Provide on-going tracking and monitoring for the performance of decision systems
  • Set expectations for monitoring and feedback systems to review performance
  • Involve peers in the evaluation of organizational strengths and weaknesses


  • Anticipate, identify, and define problems
  • Seek root causes to avoid symptomatic approaches
  • Identify potential consequences and future test your solutions
  • Document work in an easy to understand and transferable way


  • Communicate in an effective and easy to understandable way
  • Work with stakeholders to build trust and consensus
  • Recognize the importance of diverse perspectives
  • Actively promote diverse working groups

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Considerable knowledge of strategy and performance management methodology
  • Knowledge of public administration, government operations, strategic planning, and performance management.
  • Ability to access a strong analytical toolkit
  • Ability to document, track, and communicate details effectively
  • Ability to transition gracefully between a variety of tasks
  • Ability to exhibit efficient time management and exceptional organizational skills
  • Able to develop strong performance metrics leveraging data to identify areas of primary attention
  • Ability to work independently and is self-reliant; is resourceful and able to meet tight deadlines
  • Ability to be an adaptive team member with strong leadership competencies
  • Ability to function effectively with ambiguity
  • Ability to build informal consensus.
  • Ability to develop an understanding of department and county issues to work collaboratively towards solutions
  • Ability to direct the work of helpers, assistants, seasonal employees, interns, or temporary employees
  • Strong written, presentation and oral communication skills
  • Exceptional abilities in Microsoft Suite of applications


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and four years of experience in strategic planning and performance management or any combination of experience, education, and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined in the job description.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Direct experience with group facilitation and systems thinking.
  • Ability to demonstrate experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis, and/or evaluation of data.
  • Master’s degree in a related field and relevant experience in government or similar agency


Supplemental Information:

Special Note
This generic class description gives an overview of the job class, its essential job functions and recommended job requirements. However, for each individual position assigned to this class, there is available a completed job description with physical abilities checklist which can be reviewed before initiating a selection process.  They can provide additional detailed information on which to base various personnel actions and can assist management in making legal defensible personnel decisions.

May Require Driving
This position may require driving for this position whether driving a County owned or personal vehicle to conduct county business such as but not limited to attending conferences, meetings, or any other county related functions.   Motor Vehicle Reports may be verified for valid driver’s license and that the driving record is compatible with the county’s driving criteria.
If a personal vehicle is operated for county business proper insurance is maintained as per Guilford County’s vehicle use policy.