Budget & Administrative Coordinator, Orange County (closes 10/9/15)

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Closing: October 9, 2015
Salary: $36,219 – $59,346

Position Description
Under general supervision, responsible for assisting budget staff with the development, preparation, and administration of the County budgets. Coordinate all aspects of the compilation of the Annual Operating Budget, Capital Investment Plan and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Facilitate all aspects of the Outside Agency funding and monitoring process. Receive and review all hard copy county contracts for the CFO for appropriate documentation; and serve as the administrative support for the Department.

Example Duties

  • Provide technical support to budget management team.
  • Coordinate meetings involving the County Manager, Department Representatives, Finance and Administrative Services Director and budget staff to facilitate preparation of documents.
  • Prepare public notices for publication in local newspapers regarding budget public hearings and other finance related actions and work directly with newspaper staff to make pricing arrangements and run date decisions.
  • Coordinate all Budget Work Sessions, working with Board of County Commissioners, County Manager, County Department Heads and budget staff. This includes designing meeting agendas, soliciting information to compile agenda abstracts, editing agenda abstracts for the CFO, making packets for attendees, organizing electronic version for commissioners and web publication.
  • Publish documents, designed by budget staff in electronic format for web. Publish print version of all documents. Attend all budget work sessions.
  • Collaborate with county and community partners to facilitate the annual funding process. Troubleshoot problem areas from the prior year’s process and integrates changes into agency requirements for the following year (e.g. changes to liability insurance coverage, reporting timelines).
  • Coordinate the receipt of approximately 60 agency applications to ensure applications have completed the 10-part application process. Secure additional information from agencies that have not submitted completed applications (approximately 50%)
  • Distribute application packages to the dozen Departmental Advisory Board groups (e.g. Social Services Board) that provide an initial program assessment of the applications
  • Review applications to ensure compliance with financial requirements.
  • Arrange and attend meetings with County Manager and staff to determine funding recommendations for the Manager’s Recommended Operating Budget.
  • Prepare and send agency performance agreements. Collaborate with partners to prepare performance agreements that reflect the funding application and outcome oriented evaluation measures.
  • Coordinate with departments to maintain the County’s Fee Schedule.
  • Provide oversight for budget availability payment.
  • Verification of existing fees and receiving fee change requests from departments to create needed revenue streams.
  • Update and prepare the County Fee Schedule for Board of Commissioners annual Budget Ordinance adoption, and prepare updates throughout the fiscal year when the Board of Commissioners approves new fees or changes to existing fees.
  • Confirm all fees at the beginning of each budget cycle for accuracy and ease of use by the Citizens of Orange County and the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Respond to inquiries from county residents, state agencies, county departments, local school systems, fire districts and not-for-profit agencies the county funds or those seeking funding.
  • Create department correspondence for review and signature of the CFO or Deputy Financial Services Director. This includes preparing invoices as needed to request funds from other government entities to fulfill revenue receipt.
  • Order supplies as needed, including those needed to publish all documents generated by the department. Process Requisition entries, and pay department bills. Process line item transfers in Munis as requested by departments.
  • Assist budget staff with monitoring the application process of outside agencies requesting County funds to include ensuring contracts are updated, obligations to the County are met and check Munis systems to ensure adequate funds.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Requires any combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree and one year of related experience or an Associate’s Degree in business and three years of related experience.
  • Knowledge of County government departments and functions.
  • Knowledge of governing principles of budget preparation and best practices
  • Knowledge of Office procedures, practices, and equipment, including computer operation
  • Knowledge of principles of interviewing and public speaking
  • Skill in analyzing and compiling statistical data.
  • Skill in organizing and prioritizing work.
  • Skill in interpersonal relations.
  • Ability to analyze budgets
  • Ability to interpret policies, procedures and requirements applicable to accepted financial and budget practices
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and writing
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with departments and outside agency providers.


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