Budget Analysts, City of Asheville (continuous)

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Closing: Continuous
Hiring Salary: $46,626 – $55,951 Annually

The City of Asheville’s Finance Department is seeking to fill two full-time Budget Analyst positions.  One position will have a focus on general operations and the other will have a focus on capital projects.

Operations Analyst Description & Job Duties
The purpose of the Budget Analyst in operations is to perform work involving budget preparation, financial and operational analysis and special projects.

  • Performs analysis on City projects by analyzing project transactions to determine proper accounting.
  • Assists departments in formulating budget requests, estimating and projecting expenditures and revenues and preparing budget documents.
  • Performs preparation of benchmarking project by completing data and cost forms for services reported to the School of Government.
  • Gathers and submits data for consultant to prepare cost allocation plan.
  • Conducts MUNIS and operating budget request training.
  • Processes and posts all budget revisions and amendments citywide.
  • Updates Fees and Charge Manual by reviewing fees and charges submitted by departments during budget process and producing a summary of the proposed changes.
  • Creates summary reports related to the financial, budget and timeline of projects and determines capitalized expenses for projects.
  • Participates in strategic meetings concerning a variety of projects.
  • Performs other similar duties as required.

Capital Projects Analyst Description & Job Duties
The purpose of the Budget Analyst in Capital Projects is to provide professional support involving the budget preparation, financial and operational analysis and special projects, to include the management and analysis of City Capital projects.

  • Analyzes City capital projects which includes ensuring the transactions are coded to the proper project and that projects are closed appropriately when complete to evaluating costs and reviewing estimates in light of economic and other pressure.
  • Develops and maintains data analytics for Capital related projects; maintains data on estimating and projecting expenditures and conducts forecasting for strategic planning.
  • Manages the financials of Capital projects to include analyzing expenses to appropriately capitalize projects and complete capitalized interest calculations; provide support to CAFR on related projects.
  • Manages the financials of Capital project grants which includes ensuring deadlines are met, reporting criteria are met, documentation is available, etc.
  • Creates summary reports related to the financial and project management components of Capital projects; reports are shared with management to inform of project and financial status and to drive debt draw down schedules.
  • Creates, reviews and approves journal entries for related projects.
  • Maintains the project ledger by creating projects and accounts, reviewing and updating codes, communicating changes as needed, providing training etc.
  • Reviews account reconciliations to ensure reconciliation is in order for the CAFR and other reporting.
  • Participates in strategic meetings concerning capital projects, for short term, mid and long term capital improvement projects; works alongside departments as well as other finance staff.
  • Assists project managers with financial and budgetary components of capital projects.
  • Performs other similar duties as required.

Bachelor’s degree in public administration, public policy, accounting, business administration or a related field, with one (1) to three (3) years of professional experience in governmental budgeting, management analysis and consulting; or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job.


  • Comprehensive understanding of the field and application of advanced principles, techniques and theory.


  • Ability to interpret, process and use complex workplace data and graphics with abundant information and/or challenging presentations including detailed charts, tables, graphs and forms and/or complicated diagrams or maps.
  • Ability to conduct advanced research on organizational policies and procedures, best practices and innovative techniques.
  • Ability to compile data into a formal report or recommendation shared with others and often verbally presented.
  • Ability to think creatively for work practices, programs and policies.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written form.
  • Ability to research program documents and narrative materials, and develop reports from information gathered.
  • Ability to analyze situations to pinpoint problems and assist with solving problems or identifying sources of obstacles.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships as required by work assignments.
  • Ability to work independently with limited supervision.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret policy and procedural guidelines and to apply this understanding to tasks.
  • Ability to bring resources together to resolve a problem or provide a solution.

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