Budget & Special Projects Manager, Town of Garner (closes 10/1/17)

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Closing: October 1, 2017
Salary Range: $56,513 – $73,465 annually


The Budget and Special Projects Manager is responsible for budget preparation and analysis, managing special projects, and operational analysis. The selected candidate will prepare and develop a $33.2 million budget; monitor the monthly operating budgets of the Town’s departments; and provide support and leadership in the areas of process improvement, efficiency enhancement, research, and other budgetary and financial tasks.

Examples of Duties

Budget Preparation & Analysis:

  • Prepares the recommended annual budget, compiles historical information, prepares forecasts, reviews and analyzes performance indicators;
  • Develops and implements the Town’s budget process;
  • Establishes appropriate budget deadlines and ensures compliance;
  • Supervises distribution of all budget materials;
  • Provides year-round budget analysis; advises the Town’s senior management on budget matters;
  • Analyzes operating budgets monthly to identify trends affecting budget needs;
  • Consults with department heads to ensure adjustments are made in accordance with budget changes in order to facilitate long term planning;
  • Instructs and assists departments and staff in compliance with established guidelines;
  • Develops the Town’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP);
  • Assists with determining and maintaining the Town’s adopted capital goals, advocates for capital planning, and regularly monitors the CIP for needed updates;
  • Ensures integration of the CIP with the annual operating budget;
  • Develops a controlled budget strategy for program needs to include short-term, intermediate, and long range projections for resource allocation and appropriations;
  • Ensures budget strategy is integrated with overarching Town goals;
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of capital improvement programs, including bond projects;
  • Leads bond project tracking, budget compliance, and monitoring for both fiscal and scheduling goals;
  • Develops financial forecasts using computer models;
  • Researches, evaluates, and implements new expense/revenue business models to help guide future decisions based upon budgetary impacts;
  • Researches and makes recommendations on cost saving measures;
  • Coordinates directly with other departments’ budget administrators to ensure proper understanding and utilization of budget information;
  • Prepares regular and special budget reports to interpret budget directives and to establish policies for carrying out directives; prepares presentations on budget matters presented to the Town Council and to the public for hearings, workshops, and forums;
  • Maintains a working knowledge of the North Carolina Budget and Fiscal Control Act as updated and revised to ensure the Town’s compliance;
  • Reviews department requests that require a budget adjustment throughout the year (in conjunction with Finance);
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on any new or changed position throughout the year (in conjunction with Human Resources);
  • Ensures budget book meets GFOA requirements (in conjunction with Finance);
  • Monitors staffing levels throughout the year to identify trends;
  • Develops personnel budget (in conjunction with Human Resources);

Special Projects:

  • Leads various special projects; conducts special studies for Town Boards or Commissions;
  • Prepares and presents reports to the Town Council; coordinates, consolidates and presents information to outside agencies, Town Council, and others;
  • Schedules updates and status reports as required; ensures project completion;
  • Attends Town Council and other committee and community meetings on a regular basis;
  • Prepares statistical and narrative reports;

Operational Analysis:

  • Seeks opportunities for implementing initiatives outlined in the Town’s Strategic Plan; makes recommendations for implementation strategies;
  • Advises department heads on work methods and procedures;
  • Responds to requests for procedural assistance from departments;
  • Assists Town departments in identifying new initiatives, troubleshooting, and/or implementation of high profile programs or services;
  • Leads efficiency/optimization studies to include workload tracking to evaluate all programs and positions; identifies opportunities for reorganization and consolidation of tasks;
  • Continuously monitors & analyzes Town operations and internal processes;
  • Makes recommendations to the Town senior management for opportunities to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, ensure seamless and sensible customer service experiences, and create cooperative working environments;
  • Reviews Town fees and charges to identify potential revenue enhancements;

Performs other appropriate duties as may be assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to maintain effective working relationships with diverse groups.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration,  Business Administration, or related field.
  • 2 years experience in public sector budget or program analysis and/or management.

Additional Information

A Master’s degree in Municipal Public Administration or related field is strongly preferred.

Attendance at many Town Council meetings will be expected.  The Town Council meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM and on the 3rd Tuesday after the first Monday at 7:00 PM.  Work sessions are held the last Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM.  A list of scheduled Town Council meetings is available here.

Salary range shown is the hiring range.