How to Get Certified

To become a CLGBO, you must have completed the necessary coursework and exams, have sufficient professional experience, and be a member of the NCLGBA and subscribed to the NCLGBA listserv. Membership is encouraged throughout your career and interest in the Association; however, it is confirmed at the time of application. The listserv is used to provide information on the certification program, continuing education opportunities, course offerings, etc.

Professional Experience and/or Degree

To be eligible, you need to meet one of these combinations of related/applicable experience and education:

  • eight (8) years of experience in local government budget and evaluation
  • seven (7) years of experience in local government budget and evaluation and an Associate’s degree
  • five (5) years of experience in local government budget and evaluation and a Bachelor’s degree
  • three (3) years of experience in local government budget and evaluation and a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Public Policy, Business Administration, or related field

Continuing Professional Education

To become eligible for certification, eight (8) days of course work is required in four (4) categories:

  • three (3) days on local government budgeting,
  • three (3) days on capital financing,
  • one (1) day on performance measurement, and
  • one (1) day on evaluation.

Want to work on obtaining your certification this year? Here are some upcoming courses you can take.


A proficient score must be achieved for three (3) exams:

  • Local Government Budgeting
  • Capital Financing
  • Performance Measurement

Periodically, refresher study sessions are offered at the NCLGBA conferences. For review materials, check out the study guide. Exams are currently offered at the biannual NCLGBA conferences or the School of Government, on material from the Budgeting, Capital Financing, and Performance Measures courses. There is no NCLGBA exam for the “Practical Analytic Techniques” course. To date, virtual exams are not an option; however, data gathered from the 2020 membership survey indicates this is an item of interest and it will remain a consideration.

Certification Application

Once you meet the certification requirements of professional experience and/or degree, continuing professional education, and exams, you must complete the certification application form and submit it to Whitney Afonso for review and approval. The deadline to apply typically coincides with the NCLGBA Planning Committee date. Each deadline will be communicated on the NCLGBA website and via the listserv.

Certification Maintenance

Effective with the FY21-22 fiscal year, the certification must be renewed every five years. The first required renewal year will be FY26-27. This applies to existing certification holders. Renewal may be achieved by accumulating continuing professional education hours by attending courses, conferences, and other continuing education events, as well as from professional contributions, such as speaking engagements, authoring/publishing related material, or acquiring a degree. Certification holders should accumulate at least 100 CPE hours (50 minutes of training = one CPE hour) and maintain the records to support the dates and times of coursework, conferences, and contributions. Maintenance of the certification will be the responsibility of the NCLGBA Secretary and recordkeeping will be in accordance with the Association’s policies.

Administration of the Program

The certification program is administered by the NCLGBA Certification Committee; this Committee is comprised of one (1) at-large board member, the Secretary*, the President, the School of Government Liaison, and two non-board member certification holders (appointed by the President). The School of Government provides staff assistance to the committee and recordkeeping to obtain the certification will be housed at the SOG.

*Effective FY 21-22: Secretary replaced an at-large board member as a result of the involvement required to maintain records.


There are no guidelines on what the designation should be or how the title should be used. Since the program’s inception, “Certified Budget and Evaluation Officer (CBEO)” has been the most common designation. With consideration to how evaluation has evolved in our profession; the inclusion of other functions such as management, performance, innovation and strategic planning; and in keeping with other North Carolina Local Government Certification designations, the official title of the certification will change to “Certified Local Government Budget Officer” or CLGBO effective FY 21-22. It is not required, nor is it discouraged that this, or any designation be used for signature lines, social media accounts, etc.