NCLGBA Summer Conference Scholarship Winners Announced!

The scholarship selection committee has recommended Danielle Blackwell and LaToy Fields as the winners of the scholarship for the 2022 Summer Conference!
Danielle “Dani” Blackwell is an MPA student at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) and a working professional at PBS North Carolina.  Danielle highlighted her focus on engaging a diverse membership in her application with a focus on transformative meaningful content rather than just transactional offerings.
LaToy Fields is a first-time conference attendee and Budget & Finance Officer with the City of Charlotte, NC.  LaToy is interested in pursuing her CLGBO and offered the idea to pair first time attendees with a veteran conference attendee for a pseudo mentorship program during the conference.
We look forward to welcoming these scholarship winners with you all in the coming months. Please be sure to greet and congratulate Dani and LaToy at the conference and make them feel welcome! Congratulations!