Summer 2012 Conference Presentations

Click on the links for access to select conference presentation materials, handouts, and videos. All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Day One Summary Article

Day Two Summary Article

Building a Better Mousetrap – Hyong Yi

Presentation (Coming Soon)

Session Video Highlights

Concepts & Ideas Developed during Workshop (Coming Soon)

Legislative Update for Cities – Karl Knapp

2012 Session Municipal Legislation Presentation

2012 Session Municipal Legislation Summary Handout

Legislative Update for Counties – Rebecca Troutman

S12 NCACC Update Presetntation

Work/Life Balance – Shannon Tufts

 Handout – The Energy Audit

Online Version – The Energy Audit

Public Enterprise Rate Setting & Revenue Trends – Jeff Hughes

Revenues & Rates Presentation (PDF)

Revenues & Rates Presentation (PPTX)

Session Video Highlight

Conflict Management/Negotiation – Dr. John Stephens

Presentation Notes, Handouts & Visuals

Session Video Highlight

Mobile Technology

Mobile311 Pilot Project – Concord

Mobile311 Case Study – Asheboro Solid Waste

Session Live Blog

Budget Presentation – Hyong Yi & Susan Moran

Session Live Blog

Session Video Highlights (Coming Soon)

PowerPoint Skills – Dale Roegnik

PowerPoint Skills Notes Handout

Presentation – Using Hyperlinks in PowerPoint

Session Video Highlight – Part 1

Session Video Highlight – Part 2

Citizen Engagement – Justin Amos & Melissa Talbert

Amos – Citizen Participation

Session Video Highlights – Amos

Talbert – Citizen Engagement

Session Video Highlights – Talbert

Economic Update – Dr. Michael Walden

Dr. Walden’s Summer 2012 Economic Outlook Presentation

Dr. Walden’s Summer 2012 Economic Outlook Report

Dr. Walden’s Website

Session Video Highlights

NCLGBA Post -Walden offers Economic Insight; forecasts “Better Growth” for NC